Kyman Cheng at Haute Photography Rotterdam 2022 clapping while looking at the camera.
Photo by Margarita Kouvatsou.

About me

I’ve been working as a freelance portrait and lifestyle photographer for the past 8 years, scaling each team dependent on the client budget and needs. My focus in portraiture has always been to portray people in an authentic manner and in a strong, and powerful light.

Since every project is a unique one with different expectations, deliverables, and budgets. The team I assemble for them can vary a lot and can including Assistants, Hair & Makeup, Stylists, videographers... etc. With years of experience producing, directing and shooting various projects, we’re equally happy to work on larger productions, or with a very small team. Each depending on the specific needs of your project.

A selection of my past clients and projects I have worked on:

  • Biodermal
  • Delft Hyperloop
  • Duca Del Cosma
  • Freshbridge
  • Gluren bij de Buren
  • Nutricia
  • The Galaxy
  • Canenco